I been busy

Well hey dudes!

The ol’ Roma blog has been sadly neglected for the past couple of months while I’ve been HAVING A LIFE elsewhere in world.  Luckily, I’m now back in town and bored out of my mind again, so let’s have a recap on what’s been up.  Now as you all know I’m a big fan of the bullet point list so let’s see what we have here:

  • I got more work done on my tattoo
  • Spent Christmas Day at Mom Pom’s house
  • Spent a wonderful, wonderful three weeks in New Zealand with Blair (blog, meet Blair.  I know I haven’t mentioned him before but it is L-O-V-E)
  • Got a totally sweet new work vehicle
  • Oh, and Roma had some MAJOR flooding on my damn birthday

Now for the photos!  Tumblr, if you crash while I’m uploading these I will get very angry.

I spent so long at the tattoo shop getting this done that now every time I hear heavy metal music it immediately brings to mind the sensation of getting tattooed.  Just the colour to go:

Blair and his nephew Josh in New Plymouth, NZ:

It’s quite pretty, New Zealand.  This is the Festival of Light in Pukekura Park, New Plymouth:

The “batch”/”bach” (that means holiday house):

Snapper and paua (it was gross) on the barbie at the bach:

NYE – the weather was absolute rubbish and we were all in bed by 12.15am:

The black sand really is bizarre:

This thing is awesome!  It’s an amphibian vehicle!

This is the boat we took from Wellington to Picton on the South Island:

Mount Egmont/Taranaki, which overlooks New Plymouth:

My new car!  If you see me rollin’, don’t be hatin’:

And then last weekend, one of the worst floods Roma has seen.  It exceeded the March 2010 flood which took a lot of people by surprise and one woman drowned.  It’s been really awful, but it was also great to see the town pull together to get through it.  My house was safe from flooding (thank goodness) but it must be so terrible for people who have lost everything for the third time in two years.  The army has come in to help with the clean up, and we’ve been visited by Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard.  Roma didn’t even cop it too badly.  The towns of Mitchell and St George were basically obliterated.


The last batch of cupcakes I’ll bake in 2011!  I really went all out with this: chocolate fudge cake with raspberries, dark chocolate chips and chocolate icing





wow, awesome haha

 Obviously this is what we should have done the other day before work!


Hatha yoga :|

Today I was really excited because I finally found a yoga class in Roma that isn’t during working hours.  It’s run by a place called Mind Body Soul so I rang them to find out what kind of yoga it was.  I should have heard alarm bells when the girl who answered the phone didn’t know, and had no clue what I was talking about when I told her I used to do ashtanga.

I also should have been alarmed when I was talking to the instructor before the class.  Trying to establish what we would be doing, I asked if they do sun salutations.  She said “No -oh, well sometimes we do.  If I feel up to it.”  This is the instructor talking.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a yoga class which hasn’t begun with a few rounds of sun salutation.

Anyway it turns out it was hatha yoga, which is the yoga you do if you’re eighty years old, or maybe if YOU’RE IN A COMA.  We spent 20 minutes rolling our heads from side to side.  Then we did some stretches, then a forty-five minute guided chakra meditation.  And that was it.

The only thing about it that was kind of cool was this.  At the end of the class, the instructor was telling me that after a chakra cleansing meditation like we did, people sometimes get home and feel that they’re missing something or have left something behind. I was like this inwardly when she was talking:

But then as I was walking out the door, without even realising, I suddenly thought I’d left something back in the room, and turned back to get it.  But here’s the thing – I HADN’T LEFT ANYTHING BEHIND.

Whoa.  Like – whoa.